What do you get if you cross a crocodile with an elephant? A Krokofant. For those not familiar with this surreal hybrid, then you’ve never heard the popular Norwegian children’s song. The Krokofant has been described as “a lumbering trumpeting beast with a fearsome array of teeth in its snapping jaws.” However, Krokofant is also the name of Norwegian jazz’s most exciting and pioneering groups. Their debut album Krokofant will be released on Rune Grammofon on 10th March 2014. Before I tell you about Krokofant, I’ll tell you about the story behind one of Norway hottest musical prospects.

Originally, Krofofant were just a duo, consisting of guitarist Tom Hasslan  and drummer Axel Skalstad. Then in 2012, Tom and Alex met saxophonist Jørgen Mathisen, in a guitar shop in Kongsberg, a town in Southern Norway which is famous for its annual jazz festival. Straight away, Tom, Alex and Jørgen hit…

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